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    6 Ways to Reduce Flammability Risks at Work

    Most of the modern manufacturing facilities we use today use different types of solvents, which are highly flammable. These flammable solvents evaporate in the air in fumes that react with the oxygen possessing higher flammability risks. When we talk about flammable solvents, it is not the solvent that causes flammability risks; rather, it’s the evaporated fumes that cause trouble.

    These evaporations are very important to control and know whether any fumes or gaseous element is in the air that could cause fire risks at the workplace. One of the best ways to avoid these risks is by maintaining the room temperature where these solvents are kept. It is because with the increase in temperature, the rates of fumes evaporating also increase. But this method is not enough to reduce the flammability risks, and you must look for ways to ensure workplace safety from flammable substances.

    Top 6 Ways to Reduce Flammability Risks at Workplace

    The presence of flammable solvents and chemicals at a workplace is always prone to threat not because of the solvents but because of the escape of gaseous molecules in the air. These gaseous elements escape into the atmosphere when the room temperature increases and the solvents are not kept and stored properly. To prevent the risks of these flammable substances and gaseous elements in the air, you need to opt for some preventive measures and keep your workplace safe.

    Here are some ways you can reduce flammability risks at the workplace where the flammable substance is higher.

    1. Minimize using flammable substances

    It is always better to limit the use of solvents and elements that are highly flammable and are a great threat to our workplace. You must look for other alternatives in place of these flammable substances to ensure your safety. If there is no replacement for such substances, then it is better to use them under preventive measures.

    2. Monitor storage rooms

    Installing monitoring systems at places where these flammable solvents are kept is important. These monitors and detectors will generate alarms and provide readings upon increasing threatening levels of hazardous substances and gases. That is why one must monitor all the storage rooms to make sure things are under control.

    3. Keep flammable and other substances separately

    The chemical reaction of flammable solvents with other substances nearby is one of the major factors for increased flammability in the workplace. Ensure you are keeping flammable substances away from other elements with which the chances of them reacting and producing hazardous gases are higher. If you do not have enough storage, then it is better to store these together when you have installed a good quality detection system.

    4. Use them in well-ventilated areas

    Places, where flammable substances and solvents are kept require better ventilation systems; otherwise, the risks will double. The threats are not higher when these flammable solvents and elements are in the containers. These threats increase when these solvents evaporate in the gaseous form due to increased room temperature and remain there in the environment. Their presence in the air and their reaction with other gases result in flammability which is why ventilation is important.

    5. Train the workers

    Irresponsible staff and workers are the major reasons behind threats associated with the spills and leakages of flammable solvents. Such spills and leakages thus increase the chances of flammability at the workplace. You must train and guide the workers on how to handle such sensitive material. So that you can reduce the possible risks to a great extent.

    6. Use detection systems

    We are well familiar that the possibility of explosions and fire risks is not higher due to the flammable solvents. But it is because of the presence of fumes and gaseous elements that escape into the air and result in fires and explosions. That is why knowing such gaseous elements in the air is important, which is only possible with a detection system. You can also consult the gas detector suppliers in UAE to get yourself customized detectors and ensure the workplace’s safety from hazardous gaseous exposures.

    Ensure workplace safety from flammable substances!

    When working with a wide range of flammable substances and solvents, you must make sure that certain preventive measures are in place. There is no way to escape flammable fumes in the air except for keeping them in covered containers. But you can install air quality monitors, whether any flammable gas is present in the atmosphere or not. So, make sure to install such detection systems and monitors to keep your workplace safe.


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