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    Attractive Car Road Trips You Must Explore In UAE

    People have different choices and likings when it comes to exploring the beauty of the earth. Some people like to take a quick air ride to their destination and explore all its details on foot. On the other hand, there are people who believe the exploration should start from their doorstep and opt for road trips to enjoy every single moment of their journey.

    If you belong to the second category, you must have driven around the UAE by now. If not, it is not too late yet, and you can always take on an attractive road trip in the rental car and enjoy the beauty that comes across your way. You must have a list of the best road trips with you to pick your options and ensure you do not waste even a second of your time.

    Keep scrolling down this article to learn about attractive car road trips you must explore in the UAE.

    Top 7 Car Road Trips You Should Embark on in UAE

    Road trips are one of the ideal ways of exploration, which offer the liberty of enjoying scenic views, making some quick recharging stops and having some deep conversations with family, friends, and loved ones on the way. If you are also planning one such trip, exploring some recommendations will not hurt you but most importantly, make sure you have picked the right car.

    Here are some of the most captivating car road trips you should embark on in the United Arab Emirates to get an adrenaline rush and enjoy some adventure.

    1. Liwa Oasis

    Liwa oasis is one of the remotest and most beautiful deserts in the United Arab Emirates. The place has the perfect sandy roads, which are the weakness of the adventurous rides, who take miles long road trips there. A vast majority of people contact car rental companies in Dubai to hire suitable vehicles and embark on their journey of exploring all the beauties of Liwa oasis.

    2. Fujairah

    If you want to enjoy a scenic road trip and a stroll along the beaches in a single attempt, then you can head to Fujairah. It has the most beautiful roads and beaches in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. You can set out on a road trip during the afternoon, watch an unforgettably mesmerizing sunset along the coastal line, enjoy a barbecue at the beach at night and head back after watching the sun rise.

    3. Al-Ain

    If you have been sick of the city life and huge buildings blocking your vision and want to see endless greenery, then you are in dire need of a car road trip to al-Ain. It will not only please your eyes but calm your nerves and soul too. So, pack your bags and set out on the journey. However, you will not be able to enjoy it much without a perfect vehicle, so rent a suitable car and enjoy a memorable road trip.

    4. Al Qudra Lake

    If your children are pressing you for weeks for a well-deserved family outing, then a road trip to al Qudra Lake is the perfect plan you can surprise them with. It is one of the most famous and beautiful man-made lakes in the world, which is home to a significant bird population. So, instead of delaying your family trip even more, hit the roads with your rental car and absorb the beauty of al Qudra lakes to recall the memories for life.

    5. Hatta Fort

    If you have an adventurous soul which is thirsty for a mountainous road trip and hike, too, then Hatta fort is the perfect spot for it. The beautiful long road with numerous twists and turns offers the absolute adrenaline rush that you might be needing for a long. You will be able to view some beautiful scenes along the journey too. To make sure you do not face any problems on your way, pick the best car and bury all your worries.

    6. Khor Kalba

    Khor Kalba is one of the most famous mangroves in the United Arab Emirates, which are quite serene and scenic. If you are looking for an escape from the overpowering skyscrapers of the city and want to spend your day off at an open and peaceful place, then Khor Kalba it is. You will be able to enjoy a mix of beach and desert at the end of a memorable drive, where you can camp too. So, pack your essentials, rent a car, and set out on the journey.

    7. Dalma Island

    If you are an avid fan of history and historic places, then a car road trip to Dalma Island in the United Arab Emirates is surely your calling. A few miles of the scenic and peaceful drive will take you to Dalma Island, which has preserved the history and tradition for the modern age man. You can contact car rental companies in Dubai to rent a perfect vehicle and set out on the journey, which will be an absolute treat for your soul.

    Are you ready to hit the road?

    Now that you have a few personal likings and some road trip recommendations, too, the only things left are renting an attractive and super comfortable vehicle and set out on the journey. Contact the professionals to rent the vehicle on transparent terms and embark on the exciting journey.


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