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    Can erectile dysfunction be treated?


    Erectile dysfunction is an inability to maintain an erection necessary to allow the penetration of sexual sex. If you’ve ever had issues with erectile function and you’re not alone.

    Most of these situations occur to men who were previously in a position to keep an erection. Numerous products and treatments are marketed to cure erectile disorder (ED) but is it feasible to treat it?

    If ED is treatable, the time required to treat it depends on the nature and the cause.

    Two types of erectile dysfunction

    The primary ED With this type of ED one is not able to sustain or achieve sexual intimacy when engaging in sexual sex.

    Secondary ED includes males who aren’t able to have the same erection following the acquisition or maintaining it.

    Many instances of secondary dysfunction last just one or two days and can be treated. The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that about 29 percent of men who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction went through remission in less than five years.

    While erectile dysfunction isn’t completely eliminated, getting the right treatment from a doctor can aid in reducing the symptoms.

    Who Are At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction?

    In addition, sexual problems are more common when men get older.

    It was discovered that the Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that about 40% of males suffer from an inability or inability to obtain or maintain an erection before 40 years of age. Compare this to 70% of males who are 70.

    The percentage of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction ranges from 5 to 15 percent when they are from 40 to 70. Treat your ED: Fildena

    Its good news that erectile dysfunction can be controlled and may be permanent at any moment.

    The root reasons for ED that can be addressed

    The Side Effects of Medication

    Drugs that trigger erectile dysfunction account for approximately a quarter of incidences of ED. High blood pressure medications called diuretics are among the most dangerous.

    There are also antidepressants that are mainly SSRIs and SNRIs medicines for indigestion, antihistamines, and opioid painkillers, which can trigger ED.

    The treatment for Parkinson’s disease, such as chemotherapies or prostate cancer treatments could result in ED to a smaller degree. If you’ve recently started using a new drug and you’re experiencing ED talk to your physician who recommended the medicine to you.

    They may reduce the dosage or suggest that you quit using it altogether and shift to a medication with less risk of ED.

    The same goes for drugs. Nicotine

    Many think that alcohol, marijuana, and other substances such as cocaine amphetamines, heroin and barbiturates, or methadone could aid in increasing sexual confidence and increase stimulation.

    However, the truth is quite the opposite. The chemicals mentioned above could cause more difficulty to maintain and achieve a pleasant sexual experience.

    Thus, you should avoid taking the pills. They’ll only bring disappointment. In addition nicotine, regardless of whether you vape or smoked, affects your capacity to tackle difficult tasks.

    If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction, you should take the time to examine your behavior.

    Are you a smoker? Are you an alcohol drinker? Do you use marijuana or other drugs often? If you’re a regular smoker it’s likely that it’s causing erectile dysfunction.


    Being overweight around the waist can cause erectile dysfunction.

    If you’re overweight, especially around the waistline, there is a chance of developing erectile dysfunction. Also, this increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, low blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels that are elevated or high blood pressure.

    The weight gain influences testosterone levels. In fact, having low testosterone levels can impact your sexual desire as well as your capacity to keep a sexual erection in good shape.

    If you’re overweight and suffer from diabetes, losing and maintaining your ideal weight through healthier eating and exercising, and regulating blood sugar levels can provide multiple benefits to your mental and physical well-being.

    The ability to improve erectile dysfunction is among the benefits of being in an ideal position to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable?

    There are several remedies as well as “curable” reasons for ED.

    There is some reason to stop, such as blood pressure medications along with other medicines like cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. ED may also be caused due to overweight or obesity as along as stress and anxiety levels, or difficulties in relationships.

    The issues could be difficult to solve, especially when you’re able to shed weight, and discover methods to reduce the stress that works to you. If you also address the issues you have with your partner. If you can resolve your problems with your partner, your ED is probably gone.

    There are other treatments for ED.

    They aren’t treated on their own similar to hormone imbalances, depression anxiety, stress as well as high cholesterol but there are options to treat them that can to improve their health.

    How is Erectile Dysfunction Managed?

    The doctor will begin by looking over your medical history of you before conducting thorough physical examinations, including the sexual organs. The treatment options for ED: ED consist of the following treatment options:

    Treatments that are temporary

    These ED treatments consist of drugs, devices, and penile pumps. Since they only provide short-term relief, they don’t address the root of the problem. But, are often used by people suffering from ailments like diabetes and atherosclerosis.

    Medicines: Prescription drugs, such as Fildena 100 are the most sought-after treatment for erectile dysfunction. They can assist men to achieve or keep their sexual erections.

    Pumps for penile There are prescription medications such as Vidalista 20 that could provide relief to individuals suffering from ED problems. Certain people benefit from penile pumps, which are cylindrical machines in which the penis is put in order to aid it in gaining blood via the creation of the air vacuum.

    The root of the issue

    The treatments are targeted at the primary cause of ED as they are focused on treating the issue that led to it (such as diabetes and atherosclerosis). Treatments may include testosterone therapy, as well as different surgeries or treatments.

    Therapy for blocked arterial arteries: Utilizing medications and lifestyle changes can eliminate the blockage in blood vessels and improve the cardiovascular health.

    Psychotherapy The psychotherapy that is offered through counselling can assist in the elimination of mental disorders, such as stress or anxiety as well as low self-esteem.

    Surgery Men who suffer from severe ED due to trauma to their part of the body (to the penis) or previous pelvic surgery or cancer, typically require surgery. This involves the implanting for the penis, which will then be inflated with pressured liquid to keep and keep the erections. This may be an effective solution for those suffering from chronic ED.


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