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    COVID-19 On People’s Livelihoods | Health And Food Systems

    In November 2019, the COVID-19 had emerged from the province of Wuhan, China. The origin of this Coronavirus is still unknown but has been compared to the Spanish Influenza that has taken the lives of 20 to 50 million people. The COVID-19, on the other hand, is a fast-spreading virus that has killed approximately 5 million people across the globe.


    All the countries declared a worldwide public health emergency; the spread was unstoppable. The COVID-19 reached the United Kingdom by January 2020 and haven’t left since its emergence. Like most European countries, the UK was hit with the Coronavirus real hard. Currently, it’s making its fourth wave in the world.
    Even though vaccinations introduce, the new variant of the Coronavirus has made things worse for people. As a result, every aspect of our lives has changed considerably.


    “The United Kingdom declared a nationwide lockdown on 23 March 2020. As a result, the entire country was under a complete lockdown for several months of 2020.”

    The lockdown started from the beginning of the year resulting in many shops going out of business and not forgetting the rise of death tolls. The people who were the building blocks of the economy had shattered in few months.
    The after-effects of the lockdown on the livelihood of the people of the United Kingdom were as follows:


    • Gross Domestic Product reduced at the rate of 9 per cent after the lockdown. It is the biggest steep since 1948.
    • Pay growth slowed down immensely in March and April 2020.
    • Twenty-five per cent of people who have been furloughed are on sick leave or unemployed since February 2020.
    • There have been predictions that there will be an increase in the unemployment rate by 5 per cent.
    • Since businesses have laid off many employees, the unemployment benefits have reached 7 million by August 2020. And it has not decreased since then.
    • In the labour-intensive sectors, there has been a loss of over 700,000 employee jobs.
    • 6 million Or 24 per cent workforce of United Kingdom are at risk due to COVID-19 related lockdowns.
    • The jobs at risk 50 per cent of them are earning less than £10 per hour. The median of 2019 was £14.
    • The education system should revolutionize according to the pandemic; online classes, examinations, and online tutors are all part of a regular student now.
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    These figures indicate that the situation in the United Kingdom is dire and the chances of them improving soon are unlikely. Apart from the livelihood factor of the people of the United Kingdom, a significant change has happened in the healthcare system.

    Health and Food systems

    6 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in the United Kingdom since January 2020.”

    The droplets of fluids spread the Coronavirus from the nose and mouth. The virus enters the body by the opening of the eyes, nose and mouth. The rate of spread is higher than any other virus that has globally affected people.
    The Coronavirus, like any other virus, spreads when the infected coughs and sneezes. Due to this, the infected are kept in isolation, and the doctors and nurses who treat them in the hospitals wear Hazmat suits to avoid contracting it.

    In the United Kingdom, the patients who came in with fever, chest pain, chills, and difficulty breathing diagnose with pneumonia. It is a mistake that most countries made due to the similarities in both diseases.

    The Coronavirus is usually compared to pneumonia, whereas pneumonia attacks the larger areas of the lungs. The Coronavirus attacks the smaller regions of the lungs but causes permanent damage to the tissues of the lungs. The treatment of the Coronavirus is commonly the same as the treatment of pneumonia.
    The conditions of the health care system and patients are as follows:

    Conditions Of the Health:

    • In the United Kingdom, The current COVID-19 cases are 313,798, and the death toll is 46,706.
    • The main places that got hit the most are England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
    • Evidence proved that older people had terrible health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, etc.)
    • It was also noticed in the United Kingdom that people with low immune systems were at high risk. In addition, male patients were most likely to die of the virus.
    • One-third of people managed to get medical assistance in the peak of the first wave of Coronavirus.
    • Only 33 per cent of patients were able to get health care during the second wave.
    • People are terrified of visiting hospitals and clinics for minor medical needs. Even the ones who needed emergency surgery avoided going to the hospital.
    • A good 33 per cent of heart surgeries have been cancelled in March 2020. Even the medical and nursing schools were giving online classes. Nursing students were on their own, expected to take online courses and nursing assignment help.
    • Online consultations had taken over, and patients that required prescription pills.


    • As a promising result, online consultation has increased by 22 per cent. In addition, online consultations are making it easier for disabled patients to access doctor’s video sessions.
    • Unfortunately, the fear of contracting Coronavirus, people stopped visiting their psychiatrist. It caused many people to suffer from anxiety, depression and abandonment issues.
    • A remarkable increase in the demand for surgical masks and N95 respirators during the COVID-19 crisis made it difficult for the government of the United Kingdom to provide the medical staff with all the medical gear.
    • The shortage of food due to unnecessary hoarding and shelf cleaning.
    • The food system had become worse due to BREXIT, the accessibility and availability was the main problem since the restaurants were shut down and the retail shops had all run out of supply.
    • The panic buying made the farmers use other alternatives to match the demand to the supply.
    • About 10,000 operating dairy farms have suffered a significant loss.
    • The employees who worked in processed food production were out of jobs due to the shutdown, causing reduced output.

    The impact of COVID-19 has caused many countries to suffer, and the United Kingdom has been going through it ever since the beginning of 2020. But there is light at the end of every tunnel; the Coronavirus vaccine is promising and prevents the mortality rate.


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