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    Different ideas to design Kids Bedrooms:

    Kids are the blessings from which no one can deny. It’s good to have them in the house as their little actions can make everyone smile. It’s impossible to restrict them into one room as they will be in the next corner another moment. They can be playing and walking in the whole house without any hesitation but there must be one room specially designed for them where they can live as per their s.

    The most appealing things to kids are colours, wallpapers, cartoons, paints and decorations. So try to use these all ideas in a way that they can play as well as learn something new. Try to focus on things that attract the most and use those ideas to build their room. You can take advice from Interior Decoration Companies in Dubai as they know how to tackle the kid’s related ideas plus they can add more to make them excited. Here some of the ideas are highlighted you can consider these tips.

    Consider the design of your home:

    Before designing the kids bedroom consider the design of the home like its paint colours, wallpapers, textures, decor. These all must be complemented with the kid’s room to give them a cosy feeling. You can design another playroom for them where every activity of their choice must be placed to ensure that they will have the best time there, Like cartoons, play stations and games of their choices where they can have a good time after a busy schedule and studies.

    Sharing bedroom ideas:

    When you have space issues it’s best to place multiple beds or at least two beds per room. There must be no other things in the room than the beds or kids couches to ensure peace during their sleep hours.

    Soft furnishings:

    Soft furnishings are the best ideas to adopt as the kids are growing and their taste can be

    changed after some time. You can use soft pillows, throws and cushions that are easy to change and can be adapted according to the new trends. Plus these ideas will help kids to prevent the chances of getting injured.

    Books corner:

    You can also set up a little space in the bedroom for reading books or studying. Place their syllabus books and some extra like story, poem books and cartoonist illustrations to attract them towards this corner. You can place a study table or any bookshelf and do not forget to place a lamp or proper lighting.

    A design like own rooms:

    It is a common dilemma that kids want to stay in their parent’s rooms all the time so try to decorate their room exactly like your own so their attraction will be drawn towards this room. Place cushion to wall decors everything like yours room into their so they will automatically spend most of their time into this room.

    Maximize floor space:

    Loft bed ideas are easy to place and they are placed one over the other in a sequence to solve the space issues. The leftover space can be utilized to put other essentials into the room like storage elements or study tables or any play stations.

    Storage ideas:

    Storage ideas must be incorporated while designing kids rooms because they need more space to put their clothes, uniforms, shoes, toys, stationery, books, diaries and other things of their regular use. Make adjustable shelves, cabinets that can store extra material to make the room open and clear.

    Bed place:

    The bed must be placed in a space where an equal place is leftover on both sides to ensure access. It is also placed with the wall opposite the door and it’s an ideal location to place a bid. Where you can also easily check out what they are doing in the room.

    Cartoonist walls:

    It’s the best idea to use kids-related wallpapers like the wallpapers. That have cartoons, special heroes, Disney, Tom, and Jerry, or any other. They will get inspired by these and will like to have them in their rooms. Colorful charts, maps, and other things can also be placed in the room from where they can easily memorize all the informational stuff.

    Proper lighting:

    There should be proper focus on the lighting according to the need. Like sleeping lights, lights for playing and for studying to make sure that there is no damage to their eyesight. You can also use energy- efficient lights to minimize the budget load.


    Sometimes people just overlook the factor that kids bedrooms are equally important and do not pay attention to it. But it is not a good idea to do this you have to pay proper attention to the kid’s room. As you are doing with other areas of the house. You can do it all by yourself or you can take help from any specialist from Residential Interior Design Dubai to make your kids room extraordinary.


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