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    Excessive use of technology and negative health effects

    We always praise technology because it has literally changed our lives for good reasons. But at the same time, we also know that the same thing has caused some negative effects on our life. Especially our health is at risk due to the electronic gadgets we use 24×7. Using something within a limit is fine, but excess of everything is bad, and perhaps we have forgotten this fact. It is a ubiquitous fact that people all across the world make excessive use of technology. The use is no more constructive now.


    Timely attention towards technology threat is necessary

    Delay can be deadly. We need to realise that if we do not change our habits and do not put a limit on our use of technology, we may need to interact with many types of physical and mental health issues. Depression and frustration are already two common issues. It is considered that more use of electronic gadgets increases our stress. We do not realise it, but many of us who feel it can prove it.

    Obesity in people of every age

    That is bad!! An increase of fat in the body is among the most common hazardous effects of the overuse of electronic gadgets. Technology obstructs our movement because it makes our work easy. Nothing makes us leave our place for long hours. Whether we do office work or play just an online game, we can do things while sitting at one place for many hours.

    The irony is that most of us know that we should keep doing some physical activities or light exercise while working on an electronic gadget. But how many of us actually follow it?  Very few of us do it regularly. We start doing it only when we start facing some health issues due to prolonged hours of sitting.

    Lack of focus and mental strain in students 

    No need to mention that children and youngsters are more inclined to overuse technology or electronic gadgets. Their screen time is always higher, and they can spend days and nights while using a laptop or mobile. But it has a highly negative impact on their physical and mental conditions.

    Loss of focus is a prominent problem. When young children use mobile or laptops for a purpose other than education, they get addicted to electronic gadgets. It makes them stay distracted from their daily routine studies. They do not want to study. They want to spend more and more time enjoying social media scrolling or chatting with their friends, which is a particular waste of time. Long hours of screen time gradually cause mental strain, and such people also show short-tempered attitudes.

    Make addicted to fast food which causes further health issues

    It is really great to spend a long time watching your favourite web series or playing an online game, or chatting with your friends and family. During such activities, we feel hungry, and at that time, it really makes us feel lazy to get up and cook something fresh to eat. As the best alternative, we pick fast food and usually order food online to keep our interaction with the electronic gadgets unhampered.

    In the past decades, we have seen how drastically our lifestyle has changed. Even at weekends, our weekends have entirely changed because nowadays, most people order online food on Saturdays and Sundays. In previous times, online food was only for certain occasions, as if someone is looking for easy loans for an occasional reason. We want to relax completely without any disturbance. We find it necessary to spend time entertaining ourselves while watching television or internet television. Anything that increases our screen time is dear to us.

    Weaker immunity due to radiation exposure from technology

    This point is not new that radiation exposure is a fearful outcome of the use of electronic gadgets. It causes many health issues and even causes harm to the internal organs. With the immunity issues, there can be many bad things that can happen to health. And the reason? Once again, thanks to the excessive use of technology and bad habits, we are not ready to change. Just look around you. Mobile laptops are always there on your bed, on your couch and where not.

    We sleep with them, we eat with them, and the height of carelessness is we even take them to our bathrooms. To be very clear, it is sometimes ridiculous to depend so much on technology. Do you realise when you sleep with a mobile near your head or laptop on your bed how dangerous it can be for your health? The funny part is that we do realise its adverse effects, but our habit of taking things for granted, even our own well being never changes. It is the reason that today you are reading something on this topic.


    The health issues have a long list, and you may even write a book on it. The point is that we cannot just keep reading such things on the internet. We need to bring an actual change in our lives and need to make considerable alterations in our lifestyle. Reduce dependency on electronic gadgets or any technology that can make you ill after prolonged use. Yes, initially, it can take time, but gradually, we will succeed. Perhaps we need to change the habits of the younger children because this is the age from where humans grab the bad habit and turn it into an addiction.

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