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    Things to Know Before You Start Facebook Marketing

    The new means of transferring information is through social media. Are you considering advertising your business on Facebook?

    But perhaps, like anything new, you are not sure how to get the best start for your business?

    If so, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you will fully know the 5 essential things you need before you start Facebook marketing, significantly increasing your chances of success.

    Why is Facebook Advertising Essential?

    If you are already considering the Facebook market, we are sure you already know that Facebook has the most advanced targeting capabilities.

    The new Facebook parameters enable you to have a versatile audience with various ad formats, more than any advertising platform on the internet.

    Keeping that in mind, it is no surprise that there are over 7 million global advertisers today, making ad costs continue to increase over the year. This is because of an increasing competition where the bidders bid to place their ad in front of the same group of audience.

    Another reason it’s easier to start Facebook marketing and why it is a popular choice for any marketer out there is because of how accessible it is.

    You will notice how you can set up a Facebook ad with a few clicks within minutes. Facebook allows newer and less experienced marketers to use the Boost functionality, resulting in no barrier to entry.

    However, this also means that new marketers jump onto the platform quickly and start Boost posts soon after they have joined, with little to no knowledge. This results in monetary loss and little gain because of the mistakes in their campaigns.

    Thus, before you start with your next campaign, consider the points mentioned below. This will allow you to be in the best position to see excellent results from your advertising.

    Strategy and KPI

    KPI is the monitoring progress or trends towards the stated destination. In layperson’s terms, know your audience. To determine your Facebook audience, step back and put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and assess your strategy at large.

    The good news is that Facebook assists you which can help you identify your audience and enable you to learn about your buyer personas. The fun thing about Facebook is that you can play around a bit with the settings and get to know more about your customer base than ever. Even as a regular Facebook user, we give Facebook many personal information, and Facebook uses that information to increase the marketers reach.

    How To Turn This Strategy Into A Plan

    Here is how you can get started with this strategy.

    Come up with a Buyers persona. These are fictional, generalized representations of your target customer, enabling you to understand your real target audience better. You can use this persona to tweak your content in such a way that enables you to relate better with your target audience. 

    Use the same strategy for Facebook advertising. Once you understand the challenges and the objectives of your persona, it will become much easier for you to regulate which content or strategy is best to post. This will allow you to tweak the positioning of your posts accordingly.

    Pixel Installation

    The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that can really determine the reach and impact of your Facebook ad campaigns. All you have to do is place the code on your website. This will allow you to track conversations and remarket to the people who have viewed a product on your side. It will also create a lookalike audience.

    Even if you are just starting out and are not ready to engage in some of the more advanced pixel strategies, just install it. That way, you’ll have tracking and remarketing data ready to go once you are ready to optimize your Facebook advertising.

    Promoting Your Page

    Promoting your page is highly crucial to keep engagement high. Getting likes on Facebook the correct way is of the essence.

    Start promoting your page on Facebook. This you can do by filling out the “About” section of your page. Fill out your description with information that one can easily search; however, make sure not to heavily concentrate it with keywords. As an alternative, write a thorough but precise overview of what all your business offers, include categories and a link to your website.

    Also, remember to ask your friends and colleagues to like your page. This may be an old way of gaining likes but is extremely effective! Request them to share it on their own Facebook pages which will give you an organic reach as all of their friends, who you haven’t added, will also look at whatever you’re selling. You could also ask your friends to include your business in their email addresses. Your friends who are employees in departments like customer service and sales would be a great fit. 

    Stay Active 24/7

    Last, be active. Engage the community. Keep posting entertaining content that your followers would like and share. Ensure that you are responding to messages speedily which will automatically increase the interaction on your post in the comment section. Think of engaging ways to let your customers know of your Facebook presence.

    Securing Facebook is a long process. It requires consistency and a loveable strategy that will continue to add value to your followers and potential customers.

    Remember, promoting your page does not end on Facebook. Promotion goes beyond Facebook and in order to do that, incorporate a social media follow button or website links on your blog. This will make it easy for your viewers to join with you on Facebook.

    Make use of a Page Plugin. This will promote your Facebook page even on your website which will also help you enhance your reach. Facebook will come up with an iframe code that shows a feed of your latest posts. This way, any visitors on your site can like and share on your page without ever leaving your website.

    Facebook advertisement is a great way to start your new or even old businesses marketing. It will enable you to reach a larger audience but a lot more concentrated in the type of audience you would prefer.  


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