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    How do I log into my Router Asus login page?

    There are two basic methods that you can use to login into your TP-Link router’s interface panel. One of which is the Asus.router.login through a web browser. And the other is via the Asus router app. Both of these methods are reliable. And are widely used by the users of Asus WIFI routers around the world. We will discuss the Asus router login process via web-based URL in detail. It’s up to you which one you would like to use.

    Login to TP-Link web interface using Asus.router.login 

    • Very few people know about the Asus router login address.
    • They are not aware of the Asus router administrator login process.
    • You can do the Router Asus login using a web URL Asus.router.login.
    • Enter this Router Asus login web address into the URL bar of the web browser to have a login window.
    • The login window Asus.router.login has fields where you enter your ID and password.
    • If you are logging in for the first time, use the default login username.
    • It is admin, and the default login password is also admin.
    • You can change these identification user details when you get on to the web interface of your Asus WIFI router.

    How can I change my Router Asus WIFI password?

    There are three ways that you can use to change your Router Asus login WIFI password and username. We have described the process to reset and change your Router Asus login WIFI password. The steps described here are easy to implement. The first way is to reset your password via the Asus.router.login web address. The second is via the Asus router app. And the third is to reset your router settings using the reset button. Firstly, follow the Asus router login username and password change process via the Asus Router login web URL.

    Method one- Asus router login password change 

    Via Asus.router.login

    1. 1. Connect your computer to the Internet network of your WIFI router. If the wireless connection of your Router Asus login is not accessible, then connect directly via an Ethernet cable


    1. 2. Now, you need to open a web browser through your computer. And then enter a web browser whichever you like from the below options;


    • or
    • or
    • Asus.router.login etc.


    1. 3. As you enter any mentioned web addresses, a login window appears on your screen. It will ask you to enter the username and password of your WIFI router, either default or configured.


    1. 4. The default Asus.router.login username and password is the admin. After entering the default login username and password, you will reach the Router Asus login interface page.


    1. 5. Once you logged in to the homepage of your WIFI router Asus login, click Interface Setup>Wireless.


    1. 6. It depends on the wireless band of your Asus.router.login page. You should select 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless frequency to set up the password for each wireless band.


    1. 7. After that, go to the security section>Authentication type>WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK or WPA2-PSK. It is considered the best security setting.


    1. 8. Alternatively, you can also use WEP as a security option, but it is not considered a powerful method.


    1. 9. Now, you will get the option to enter your new wireless password. Erase the previous or default login password and create a new Router Asus login password.


    1. 10. You have to select Key 1 to select WEP and Key 2 to get PSK as a security standard. At last, save your changes by tapping the Apply or Save button.

    Method Two- Router Asus login password change 


    Via Asus router app


    1. Go to the app store of your mobile device and download and then install the app.
    2. When you install the Asus router app, open it. And go to its dashboard page.
    3. On the Router Asus router app dashboard, tap on the router icon under the local device section.
    4. A device list will appear on the screen. Here select your device by clicking the on-device image.
    5. Go to tools>wireless>2.4 GHz> and Replace the password of your Asus.router.login page. Then click Save.
    6. You can also replace encryptions and usernames in this section.
    7. Prepare your password with a combination of alphanumeric and specific characters.
    8. Repeat the process for your WIFI Router Asus login 5 GHz wireless band to replace the password and username on this wireless band.

    Method Three- Change your Asus.router.login password 

    Via Reset Process


    This method is beneficial to reset your wireless username and password. The only demerit of this method is that you will lose your entire configuration. To secure your previous configurations or settings, keep a backup before implementing the process. After reset, you have to login back to your Asus.router.login and configuration console using default login user pieces of information and then replace its default username and password.


    1. Take a small pointed object, like a pencil, paper clip, mobile pin, or a match stick.
    2. Press and hold the small reset button available on either side of your router.
    3. You have to press the reset button for at least ten to fifteen seconds. And then release gently.
    4. As you release the button, the router will reboot. And then, the LED lights will flash for a few seconds. Then become stable.
    5. Now login again the router using its default login details which is an admin for both the required sections (Username and password).
    6. To login into your Asus.router.login interface opens a web browser.
    7. And then, enter the Asus router login default information.
    8. Tap on the administration tab>Go to the Management Section.
    9. Enter the new password in the [Router Password] section.
    10. Re-Enter the password to confirm. After that, click Save Settings to apply changes.


    That’s all about the different methods to change the WIFI password of your Asus router login. You may use any one of the above-described methods. All the steps are reliable and widely used to reset/replace the username and password of the Router Asus login.



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