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    Ivacy VPN App: Making the Internet a Safer Place

    The internet can be a scary place. Internet companies have access to your personal data, which is worth so much! You want that information safe and secure from prying eyes? The VPN has the answer for you with their state-of-the art features implemented on all of its users’ accounts.

    Ivacy VPN App: Making the Internet a Safer Place

    Ivacy, a VPN company whose name is derived from the word “invincible”, pledges to protect you and your data no matter how many hackers or security loopholes exist. They understand that there are people who might be looking for ways around even their best efforts–but they’re not about to let just anyone in!

    Ivacy boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, but it’s also packed with features to protect your interests online. I found the “Purpose Selection” really smart–especially because you can select a specific purpose for your connection and Ivacy will automatically update its settings accordingly!

    Within the Ivacy app, you have options like Secure Download and Streaming. Select either to identify what it does best for a smooth experience!

    Security is the Priority

    The Ivacy VPN app has the highest level of security you could ever need. They have a team that is always updating and adding new technologies to give users complete protection from hackers, government surveillance, malware attacks etc.

    The creators at Ivacy know how difficult it can be to keep up with all the latest technological advancements in cybersecurity. That’s why they employ an extensive team for just this purpose: keeping their customers safe online by incorporating multiple protocols & tools into one easy-to-use application so there are no compromises when it comes to privacy or defence against hacks/attacks!

    Ivacy offers several protocols to protect your network, including TCP, UDP, L2TP and IKEV. It employs military-grade encryption by using 256-bit keys.

    A dedicated IP address, which reserves a list of static IP addresses exclusively for you and your business, protects your online accounts from unauthorized access.

    Public Wi-Fi is a dangerous place. Hackers lurk in the airwaves, waiting for their next victim to show up and they are on high alert when it comes to public hotspots as many businesses use them too! Luckily you can protect yourself against these predators with Ivacy VPN. This service will encrypt your data so that no one else has access but you – not even those pesky hackers who want to steal all of your personal information or infect your devices with malware codes.

    Ivacy allows you to access local and foreign content without compromising your identity. Service masks the location of all traffic through a clever process called ‘Split Tunneling,’ which makes it undetectable by censors or security agencies.

    Ivacy is one VPN Solution

    Ivacy is one VPN that doesn’t compromise on speed thanks to its ingenious Split Tunneling feature! You can enjoy both domestic and international streaming services at once-without anyone knowing what’s going on behind the scenes!

    The Internet Kill Switch is a smart feature that halts the internet if your VPN connection ever goes down, ensuring you can always browse in private.

    • You can trust your personal data to Ivacy VPN. A lot of the details about our services are in line with what you would expect from a reliable, premiere provider such as ours including: download scanning and removal of any malicious malware or viruses before they do any damage
    • No Logs Policy – no user information is retained except for name/email address (essential) + basic customer activity monitoring that does not store anything on file
    • Moreover, there’s also high level encryption protocols which protect users’ internet traffic against snooping third parties. But let us talk about one key aspect where we shine – Speed!

    Speed is also Important

    Ivacy offers unlimited bandwidth across 100+ locations. Further, they claim superior uploads and downloads thanks to the lack of ISP throttling; however we found this not always true in our tests.

    The Ivacy how to get a vpn claims that it does not throttle your internet connection speeds no matter where you are located or what device you use with their service–but out experience was a bit different than advertised. Here’s how our speed test results looked before downloading the program:

    Without VPN- 87%/5Mbps With IvacyVPN – 52%/1 Mbps

    Say by to Geo-Restriction

    Apps, social media sites, streaming channels and some websites may carry geo-restriction. Wherein you can’t access certain features or shows because of where you are situated in the world. However when using Ivacy VPN your location is hidden from view which allows for easy bypassing into other countries with ease. And accessing content anywhere at anytime without ISP throttle limitations! What’s great about this service is that online channels like Netflix, iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu ESPN HBO etc all become accessible as well providing unlimited entertainment options to customers no matter their geographical position on earth.

    Protect 5 Devices Simultaneously

    Ivacy is a VPN that offers to support up to five devices at the same time. So you can take advantage of its software on multiple devices without having to log out and in each time. Moreover, it has an impressive list of supported hardware as well: Mac, Windows, Linux (and many others).

    What’s our Take?

    Ivacy VPN is a simple, efficient app that will help you get your favorite content from all over the world. It also has 24/7 customer support available and can easily installed via Google Play or Apple Store

    While it is quite affordable and cheaper than any competitor. You can opt for a 2-year or 5-year plan. If you want more bang for your buck in terms of faster data speeds.

    The software does not incorporate a privacy audit.Which is already problematic in our world of things going south so easily. The more you bet with Ivacy VPN, the better your odds are. From a price and security point of view, it is one that cannot be matched!


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