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    Performance optimization – for a faster loading time

    In the SEO area, performance optimization, i.e. the improvement of the performance of a website, is primarily understood to mean shortening the loading time. The shorter the loading time of your website, the higher its performance and the faster the page will be displayed in your browser.

    Optimizing the loading time of your website has a major impact on the ranking. Google rates websites with high performance better. But also from the user’s point of view, the time the browser needs to display the website determines whether he or she will leave it early.

    In this post you will find various information on the subject of performance optimization:

    What does a performance optimization include?

    Performance Optimization – Why It Offers So Many Advantages for Your Website? There are many different things you can do to improve your website. It is important that you do not over-optimize one area while neglecting other areas. Keeping all of these things in mind is key to good website performance.

    You can also find interesting tips on the web on Google directly under Google PageSpeed ​​Insights .

    Content and design of your website

    This point includes all optimizations that are made on the individual page. The main thing is to have to transfer as little data as possible. Complex graphics or video files are avoided. These are compressed where necessary.

    Software that runs on your website

    The software that is used can have a major impact and dramatically improve performance. Especially those who rely on lean packages, such as Bludit, accelerate their loading times enormously. WordPress is much more powerful, but the loading times in the browser are also longer. However, this gain in performance is often associated with a reduced range of functions. Here it is important to weigh up. The use of the scripting languages ​​used is also crucial. For example, the use of PHP7 compared to PHP5 has a performance increase of up to 20%.

    Server and web host of your website

    Web hosts come in different price categories. Often cheaper providers offer a lower performance. That is not a problem either, since good performance is not necessary for everyone. But if you rely on a short loading time of your website in order to achieve a better ranking in Google , you should pay attention. You should also check from time to time whether your web host is still delivering the service you had when you signed the contract. Perhaps the technology has changed in the meantime and a competitor offers the better price / performance ratio.

    Why performance optimization offers so many advantages for your website

    Performance optimization – the most effective tips at a glanceThe loading time influences the ranking of your website in the Google search results. So if you want your page to land at the top of the search results, then you should turn the website performance screw.

    Regardless of the Google ranking, long loading times have a negative effect on the conversion rate . The bounce rate also increases. So if you are dependent on making money with your website (online shops, niche site with affiliate links, e-commerce, etc.) you should keep these points in mind.

    Here are your advantages at a glance

    • Improvement of the user experience , consequently
    • reduced bounce rate
    • increased conversion rate
    • Higher placement in Google search results means more page views by users

    All of this together leads to an increase in the sales of your website’s products and services.


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