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    7 Social Media Strategies for Your Next Event

    Creating event hype and promotion is one of the most important tasks to do to make the events successful. Without introducing the event to your audience, you will not be able to attract any audience. Social media promotions play a significant part in selling the event tickets efficiently than any other means.

    But posting everything about your event on the social media platform is not enough; there are certain strategies and steps that you must follow. These strategies will ensure that you are being noticed by your target audience online and to a number of a global audience.

    If you want to know how one can use social media platforms for promoting an event, then give this article a read.

    Top 7 Social Media Strategies You Must Consider for Your Next Event

    Social media helps to develop an interest in the target audience to become a part of the event or buy tickets gradually. But these ticket sales are not ensured when you do not implement the right social media strategy. You must make sure that your every action online is making a positive difference for your upcoming event.

    Following are some of the social media strategies and tips to make your events successful and remarkable.

    1. Find influencers

    Among many people, the biggest impact people can leave on your audience are the social media influencers that have a huge fan following. Make sure you are reaching out to an influencer to promote your event among their fans and people who look up to them. Many businesses prefer hiring the experiential event agency Dubai professionals for influencer management to make events successful.

    2. Find the right targets

    Not every person on social media is of your concern, and you must know the difference between who is your target and who is not. Identifying the target audience is important before running a social media campaign or a promotional campaign. Make your social efforts and hard work to reach the people that will appreciate it and praise your work.

    3. Use hashtags

    One of the best ways to trend on social media so that the audience notices you is by using various hashtags. The hashtags you use or create must be creative and also speak of the event cause. Without using hashtags, there is no way one can make the social media posts regarding a cause or event get noticed among the audience. Use as many tags as you can in your social media postings, and make sure that these hashtags are relevant.

    4. Know the right platform

    Depending on your targets and who you want to be a part of your show, you can select the platform to run the campaign. Not every platform will be effective for your business and event, so make sure you know which social media platform has a huge target audience. Some of the social media handles which are mostly used for social media promotions are as follows.

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin

    5. Share event BTS

    Sharing behind the scenes of your event preparations and sharing the experiences of the team working on the event is one of the best social media strategies. This type of strategy help in developing interest in the audience these interest lead to curiosity which makes the targets to attend the event. While sharing these BTS of your event management, you need to make sure that you are not sharing too much. Sharing too much sometimes results in poor responses from the audience as they already know everything about the event.

    6. Prioritize consistency

    While sharing content such as images, graphics, and videos on social media to promote a cause, it is important to prioritize consistency. Consistency here means that the color combinations and the theme must match your cause. For example, using your logo or the colors in your logo on the content going on social media will make a great difference. This way, you not only succeed in attracting more audience but also improve your brand recognition.

    7. Use for live streaming

    Social media is not only beneficial for pre-event promotions, but these platforms are also beneficial for an ongoing event. A business can go live during an event to engage with the audience that could not make it to the event. In such a way, you will be able to engage with your global audience effortlessly. But it is crucial that your event organizing team has a technologist to deal with these live streaming technicalities. You can also hire an experiential event agency, Dubai professionals, to take care of these technicalities to ensure everything is working smoothly.

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    Final thoughts!

    With other event arrangements and preparations, do not forget to socially engage with your target audience. These social engagements must have to be strategic so that they make sure your event is being noticed and recognized by the concerning people or audience. So, make sure you have hired the event organizing experts to make all the arrangements while taking care of social engagement.


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