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    A Speaker Event Planning Checklist You Should Know About

    Speaker Event Planning Checklist – A lot goes into organizing a speaker session or speaker event than mere inviting him/her. It is not less than a challenge to throw such an event, but you can win the game with the right techniques. Creating a stellar and memorable event takes some effort, time, and, most importantly, planning. With countless factors to remember, missing a single one can ruin your day. It is imperative to start proceedings with a list of tasks to be on track. This article will help you organize a speaker event with all the inclusive essentials. Keep scrolling to know more!

    Speaker event planning checklist:

    Without work ethics, organizational skills, and managerial skills, you can’t make an event stellar. If you are a first-timer, the activities can easily overwhelm you. With that in mind, it is imperative to seek expert event companies in Abu Dhabi’s help for your next speaker session. Following is a checklist you should follow to ensure a successful speaker session. Walk with us to know more!

    1. Know your event goals:

    The incoming speaker will have a significant impact on your audience and your overall business goal. What do you want your audience to take away from your event? What would you like to achieve with your event? Knowing the end goals and objectives of your event can drive various decisions while you are planning.

    Your guest speaker will leave a collective impact on your audience. Moreover, he/she can also be influential for your overall group. So make sure you invite the best fit to drive in more audience and achieve your business goals.

    2. Ascertain your budget:

    You need to allot a specific good portion of your funds to the incoming guest speaker. It would be best to keep in mind the amount allotted. There could be various expenses like transportation (ground and air), hotel stay, and miscellaneous expenses.

    Having a fair idea of such funds and expenses will make things easier for you. Then, ascertain the allotted budget and use the rest for other event activities.

    3. Consider thought leader ideas:

    As discussed earlier, what message do you want to give your audience via your event? You should brainstorm the type of thought leader you would like to invite to your show based on this point. Inviting someone with a specialty in your domain can help your cause. Consider someone who would align with your business objectives and event goals.

    4. Connect with speakers bureau:

    The next step you should worry about is finding the speaker you would like to invite. How would you connect to someone out of your reach? Well, don’t panic! You have the option of connecting with the spakers’ bureau who can help you in this matter.

    Once you are in touch with them, they will forward a list of well-known speakers and topic ideas. The list will be customized according to your event and budget needs. Once you finalize the name, you are halfway done.

    5. Choose a speaker:

    Consult with your team about finalizing a speaker you would like to extend your invitation to. Then, choose carefully from the list and inform the bureau about the name. Remember that the speaker is not bound to accept your invitation. He/she can likely refuse your offer, in which case you will look for an alternative option.

    If the speaker declines your offer, the bureau will send you another list with names. They will help you connect with the best partner before your event day. Does it sound too complicated for you? Hire the Best event companies in Abu Dhabi to help you with tasks like these.

    6. Execute the deal and agreements:

    Once the name and topic are finalized, now is the time to execute the deal and agreement. First, the bureau will send agreement details to you and the chosen speaker. Documents will entail the agreement details and all the logistics. The details will include the following points.

    • Travel expenses
    • Logistic details
    • Speaker fee
    • Logistic venue
    • Date
    • Speech topic
    • Location

    7. Go for marketing:

    Now, you can promote your show when you have the speaker’s name and the event schedule in hand. Attract as many participants as you can to make your event memorable. How would your target audience know about your show? Via aggressive marketing! Collect marketing materials and go for publicity.

    The best way to spread the news in no time is by using social media platforms for advertising. Going live on Facebook and Instagram and posting pictures on Twitter will attract as many attendees as you would love. Mention the speaker’s name, and it will attract his/her followers to attend your event.

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    Make your Event Stellar with Professional Event Organizers!

    Throwing a spectacular event is a dream job for all the hosts. However, it is not that easy. With million things to remember, forgetting a single element can ruin your day. Therefore, having an expert organizer on your side can make things easy. Consider connecting with them!


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