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    The Best Residential Complex with Landscaped Territory

    An overview of the Avenir residential complex characterized by a well-maintained and safe local area.

    Everyone has a different attitude to the yard and the local area: someone prefers silence and landscape gardening, for another it is important to have zones for active recreation. Modern improvement of residential complexes should harmoniously combine all the requirements and be as convenient and comfortable as possible for each apartment owner.

    If the facade of the house can be called its face, then the adjacent territory is the real soul of the complex. That is why developers of premium real estate do not focus on the design of the entrance groups and the exterior. Firstly, the improvement of the courtyard and its compliance with the requirements of each tenant. Special attention is paid to luxury class complexes, where every detail is important.

    Premium improvement of a modern residential complex

    An ideal home area includes:

    • convenient access roads for cars that will not interfere with the rest of the apartment owners;
    • walking alleys and small inner parks;
    • playgrounds for kids with modern equipment that meets all safety requirements;
    • lush greenery and barbecue areas;
    • small architectural forms, design lighting systems;
    • Landscape design.

    In addition, one of the main factors in the acquisition of premium real estate, especially for families with children, is the availability of a well-maintained, safe local area. Moreover, the centre of Singapore cannot boast of a large number of green areas and parks. For this reason, the complexes and club houses of the deluxe segment strive to offer customers maximum comfort and their own zones. Such large-scale projects as the residential complex the Avenir, which have sufficient territory, have more opportunities in the design of the courtyard and public spaces for apartment owners.

    Individual approach and attention to each customer

    Today, developers, especially in the field of elite real estate, strive to attract potential buyers not only with a favourable pricing policy. Additionally, with an unusual concept of the inner space of the complex. With bonuses in the form of a full-fledged improvement and safety of the yard. Furthermore, these are interesting landscape projects, designer small architectural forms, thoughtful zoning of the adjoining space. Finally, in the first place are safety and comfort, focus on the individual needs of the owners of real estate in a large complex or a small-apartment club house.

    One of the primary priority is the functionality of solutions when organizing the adjoining space:

    • Convenient car traffic and a sufficient number of parking spaces;
    • Adherence to the concept of “yard without cars”;
    • The presence of spacious walking areas;
    • Quiet recreation areas for mums with strollers;
    • Safe playgrounds with original equipment;
    • Properly organized lighting;
    • Landscape gardening and private gardens, where preference is given to coniferous evergreens, large-sized plants, shrubs and flower gardens.

    According to the latest data, the cost of improvement in the deluxe segment is at least 1% of the cost of all works on the object. At the same time, a large number of green areas is important. Which has become a real trend in recent years. Buyers are more interested not in the modern “filling” of the yard. But, in the possibility of living in a kind of urban oasis with fresh air, beautiful views and the presence of a yard with its own garden or park.

    Among the most striking premium projects, the Avenir stands out:

    The Avenir is a premium housing complex going to launch in the heart of Singapore’s district 9. The deluxe condos are well-equipped with multiple amenities like swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, tranquillity garden, clubhouse, gymnasium, urban farm and tennis court etc. The buyers can choose from 1 bedroom to 4-bedroom condo as per their convenience and ease.


    To conclude, the minimum set for an exclusive residential complex includes walking green areas, playgrounds and public spaces. If there is a large area adjacent to the house. It is possible to arrange swimming pools, squares and parks, tennis courts and mini-stadiums. For infill development in a limited urban space, developers offer an original solution. With the creation of exploited roofs and courtyards on stylobates. With a lack of space for a full-fledged organization of the courtyard.  Lastly, the original vertical zoning is becoming more and more popular.

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