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    What are Bollard Covers?

    Bollard covers are intended to cover exposed surfaces such as stairs, driveway, garden pathways and entranceways. They are typically used as an inexpensive method of temporary partitioning to protect your company’s assets and reduce the risks of theft and vandalism. As such, many modern Bollard designs are designed with a flexible range of mounting options in order to meet any application need.

    Most often, they are found outdoors in open areas surrounding your worksite or in car parking lots in urban areas. For additional security, additional features such as security lighting and biometric access control can be included. You can have bollard covers printed on demand by contacting a professional raffle ticket printing company such as VC Print.

    How are Bollard Covers Made?

    A standard bollard cover is made from either corrugated or printed acrylic material. The material you choose depends upon the application requirements of your Bollard design and whether you wish to keep the cover simple or complex. Corrugated plastic material is commonly used for bollard covers because it is easy to install, very economical and lightweight. For an elegant, sophisticated look, consider using acrylic, corrugated material, which can withstand high temperatures and chemicals.

    Many modern designs of bollard covers are constructed from corrugated plastic materials that are then coated with either high-gloss UV or PVC coatings. These coatings make the material extra tough and impact-resistant. PVC coatings are also available in various colour selections. If aesthetics are important when choosing material, consider PVC or UV coatings, which are virtually indestructible and resist corrosion. Some bollard covers have what are called “click-locking” components, which allow for the secure installation and tilting of the cover in a specific position. This is important for areas that receive high levels of foot traffic, where it may become necessary to adjust the cover to avoid damage or injury.

    Maintenance and Care

    Because the polyester or vinyl coating on most bollard covers is not indestructible, they must be regularly cleaned. Use a mild, environmentally friendly cleaning agent that is formulated specifically for use on corrugated material, and then follow up with a heavy-duty household detergent. Commercial cleaning agents can create a fine dust, which can promote bacteria growth. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner with a wet/dry cycle and the brush attachment. Do not use any cleaning solution that is specifically intended for cleaning promotional material, as this can damage the corrugated surface.

    Shelf Wobblers Helps Protect Bollard Covers

    If you prefer to limit the contact of dust and other particles with your promotional material, consider using shelf wobblers on your Bollard covers. Shelf wobblers are specially designed products that are able to withstand high levels of dust. Once your shelf wobblers have been installed, they can withstand years of continuous use, and the shelf wobble will not reduce in effectiveness over time. This means that your shelf wobblers will add an attractive feature to your display units and will also provide protection against accidental knocks and bumps. Shelf wobblers can be printed on demand by contacting VC Print online.

    As an added touch, you might like to consider using printed floor labels to accentuate the unique features of your promotional material. Printed floor labels are available in several different shapes, sizes and colours. They are made of durable plastic and can stand up to years of daily wear and tear. Many floor label options include graphics and text and can be custom sized to fit any dimensions of your printed unit. If you prefer to limit the contact of dust with your promotional material, consider the use of printed floor labels, as they can stand up to years of daily wear and tear.

    Final Verdict:

    A high-quality bollard cover can quickly become damaged if it is scratched or marked, so the addition of a high-quality shelf wobble to any item can make it look much more attractive. You can purchase adhesive shelf wobblers that are already attached to a unit and then use tape to stick them on. This is a great way to protect and increase the number of sales that you make by making your items appear as attractive as possible. Raffle ticket printing is also a great way to boost sales.


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