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    What are the significant facts about Oklahoma State Courts Network?

    Oklahoma state courts network aims at providing all the services. It basically tends to act like an erasure. The individual can easily or truthfully say that his scrape with the law never happened if he is questioned about it. The legislature of state recently passed some laws that would make it easier for the non violent criminals in sealing their records that also includes those people who are on systems such as the OSCN as well as ODCR Tulsa.

    What are the expungement that clears OSCN as well as ODCR Tulsa Records?

    The individual has to know that what kind of expungement he wants before he goes to the trouble of filling the petition with the court.There are two kinds of expungements which are possible in Oklahoma:

    • Oklahoma Court records are very much significant. The first option is a criminal records expungement that is Okla Stat tit 22/18. There is another option as well which is an expungement of the individual’s name from the court records that is also known as the deferred sentence expungement.
    • All of these expungements are different. An expungement of criminal record under Section 18 means seals the arrest record. It also aims at erasing the criminal history on the background checks. It is just like the incident never really happened. In fact the individual can legally be able to answer that the incident never actually happened if he is asked.
    • The private online document companies for retrieval such as On Demand Court Records ODCR Tulsa as well as State run court document companies retrieval such as Oklahoma State Courts Network are also included in this sort of expungement. The court aims to record and they can be expunged from both of the sites.
    • This is quite different from the deferred sentence expungement that is mainly known as a 991c. This sort of expungement aims at allowing the person who has already recorded a deferred sentence in order to expunge the plea and also have the status of the disposition of their certain case show that it has been now dismissed.

    What is the eligibility requirement?

    It is very significant to understand the differences in the requirements of eligibility between the two kinds of expungements. A deferred sentence expungement is way more easier to be qualified for. The individual must have completed all of the terms of the probation that also includes the community service hours as well as counselling along with the drug treatment. The individual is also required to already pay  all his fines as well as court costs and restitution if it was ordered from the court. Finally the individual must have served the the complete or entire term of his deferred sentence. A criminal record in the expungement in Tulsa is somewhat more difficult to be obtained. The waiting periods are different depending on the kind of conviction an individual wants to seal. For some of the misdemeanors the individual should be able to petition the court in order to seal the records as soon as his fine is paid.


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