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    What is the China imazing car jump starter review

    What is the China imazing car jump starter

    Basically, an amazing car jump starter is a power bank with lights and an alarm. It can be used to help your car start when you meet some emergency situation like there is no battery, or the battery voltage drops below 10V.

    China imazing has been focusing on R&D and manufacturing of the car jump starter since its origin in 2009. It owns professional engineers and a professional team with rich experience in this field. The factory covers over 4000 square meters . And there are more than 100 workers now . China imazing is equipped with advanced production machines and equipments.

    How to use a China imazing car jump starter

    First of all, check the voltage of your car battery. If it is between 10V-15V, the imazing can jump start your car. Then you just use a power bank to charge and connect with the imazing if it has no enough power.

    You need to connect the positive terminal to red cable(+) and connect the negative terminal to black cable(-) at first. Then plug the imazing into power outlet and keep charging it for two hours.

    Pros of using a China imazing car jump starter

    Advantages: Small, stylish and easy to carry. It can jump start a 6L gasoline engine car for 5 times when the power of it is fully loaded .The imazing has an alarm function which can help you find your lost car easily . You don’t need anymore to take out the key when there are some strange people around you. Just press the alarm button on imazing instantly and it will send out high frequency signals which is unpleasant to hear for strange people. Also ,the imazing has a lights function . If you lose your car in the night, just turn on the red light of imazing . You can find your car easily with a flashlight.

    The cost of a China imazing car jump starter

    The cost of an china imazing car jump starter is from $75-$250 . The more advanced it is ,the higher the price will be.

    How to choose:  It is not difficult to distinguish them at a glance because most of them have similar appearance but different quality and function. We advise you see some product introduction online first then think about it again.

    How to pack the jump starter

    Please make sure that glass parts are packed separately and there is no short circuit when you are packing it with other electrical items. And please do not put the imazing in your checked-in bag or suitcase as a carry-on item .It will be safety at the car if you put it inside the trunk ;the best place of storage is the glove compartment. Also, please read the car jump starter manual before you start using it .


    Although an amazing car jump starter has some similarities with power bank ,it also has some differences . It must meet the requirement of the national standard when you choose one for your emergency. However ,when choosing a car jump starter, the most important thing is that you should choose one with reasonable prices and high quality . When you take it seriously and use it carefully, this device will serve you well for a long time.

    We wish you valuable acquisitions and successful transactions.




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